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Using Reliable
Thinking Methods

Before you write anything, you have to be clear in your own mind about exactly what you want to communicate. Clarify your thinking by using these specific, reliable methods to establish and arrange your ideas.

  • Inform. When you want to share information, organize those ideas by listing, and provide details for each. Then present a summary of points at the end.
  • Explain. Clarity is key in any explanation. Consider any questions the reader might have, and then offer examples to illustrate your points. Define any unfamiliar terms and provide clear steps in a process.
  • Analyze. Break down your topic into parts; then show comparisons and connections between those parts. Offer conclusions and results.
  • Synthesize. Blend concepts to form a newer, better idea. This method allows for creative thought by rearranging and combining to come up with a new hypothesis or a better way of doing something.
  • Persuade. Convince others of your idea’s worth by arguing its benefits and strengths. Conversely, you can move your audience away from a less desirable idea by assessing weaknesses and costs. Give specific details to support your topic.

By considering what you want to accomplish and using the best thinking method, you can make your writing clearer and stronger.

For more about focusing your ideas, see pages 9-16 in Write for Business: A Compact Guide to Writing and Communicating in the Workplace—just one of the handy business-writing materials from UpWrite Press.

Teacher Tips

Training sessions are useless if workers don’t attend or do so half-heartedly. Sometimes it’s a good idea to provide incentives for workers to take on this extra training. Some possible enticements might include paid time off, matching or full tuition reimbursement, contests with prizes for successful training completion, or job promotions. And of course, cash is always a powerful incentive.

That Little Extra

Cold weather is coming for much of the country. If you hate the dreary chill of winter, fight back with good health and a positive outlook—they’re connected, you know. Take care of yourself: get a flu shot, eat right, and get enough rest. And, of utmost importance, be sure to exercise. Studies show that exercise helps ward off the depression we can face when the days are short and gloomy. Even better, take your exercise outdoors for the added boost of sunlight and vitamin D. It’s been determined that vitamin D can improve your mood, and fresh air is always a pick-me-up. Here’s to winter!


November Writers' Forum Topic

Here’s your chance to tell us how your work environment operates. Send us your responses to the forum question below, and we’ll print the most interesting in our eTips Mid-Month Mini.

Social networking seems to have taken over a large chunk of our communication, and it has made the leap from “social” to “business” applications. Does your company use such networks (Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, etc.) to extend its reach? Share with us how social networking has become a part of your business.

E-mail your response to Write “November Writers’ Forum” in the subject line, and you could see your reply in the eTips Mid-Month Mini.

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