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Write for Work is now available for purchase! Visit our store for details. We've also posted the table of contents for your convenience, along with a sampler of pages. If you know any instructors or trainers who could use one of our remaining review copies, please point them our way.


Next up, the Write for Work Instructor's Edition is nearly ready for print, and we're preparing a downloadable Instructor's Resource Manual, along with an online Resource Center. We'll have more news about those in future issues of eTips.

Writing Newsletters

Aren't newsletters fun? At least they can be, if handled well. If you have to write a company newsletter, remember that your goal is twofold: first to keep workers up to date, and second to help them feel connected to the company (perhaps by presenting a friendly fact). Here are some practical tips for creating an inviting, effective newsletter.

  • Nameplate - Design this element to identify the newsletter source in an attractive way. Include the volume number and issue date along with contact information. While you might change the nameplate color with each issue, keep the format consistent for immediate identification and familiarity.
  • Format - Common formats include columns, but try to use no more than three. Otherwise you’ll need too many word breaks to fit the text properly. Use headings and white space to identify sections. And speaking of white space, if you do use columns, be sure to leave enough space between them. The general rule is the larger the text font, the wider the space between columns.
  • Text - Don't overdo the different types of fonts and sizes. Too many shifts in font can confuse the reader and tire the eyes. Be consistent with your heading fonts, and use "pull quotes" like the one below to further break up the text.

    "Too many shifts in font can confuse
    the reader and tire the eyes."

  • Color and artwork - Photos and graphics are also great for breaking up space, but be sure these elements actually coordinate with the text in some way. Include captions to identify photos when needed, and spell all names correctly.

Remember, your goal is to provide information, but the best newsletters are chatty, presenting information in a light, casual style.

For solid help with newsletter design, check out the tips beginning on page 101 in Business and Sales Correspondence, just one of the handy business-writing materials from UpWrite Press.

That Little Extra

Want to make your workday more comfortable? Keep a pair of comfy slippers under your desk for whenever you are sitting there awhile. As long as you don't show them off at meetings or in public areas, you should have no problem wearing them while you work. And as we all know, when your feet feel good, life seems so much better. From conservative slides to leopard-print fluffies, slippers can add a soothing touch to the workday.


April Writers' Forum Topic

Here's your chance to tell us how your work environment operates. Send us your responses to the forum question below, and we'll print the most interesting in our eTips Mid-Month Mini.

Many people are looking for jobs right now, and a lot of résumés are floating about. What is the best advice you received for creating your own résumé? Did something work especially well for you? Share your tips with our readers.

E-mail your response to writersforum@upwritepress.com. Write "April Writers' Forum" in the subject line, and you could see your reply in the eTips Mid-Month Mini.

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