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"Sweet Writing Suite" Winners

Congratulations to Rebecca Anderson, Adrienne Brown, Moizuddin Mohammed, Brenda Stover, and Kim Urban! They're the lucky winners in our "Win a Sweet Writing Suite" drawing held in October. Each winner will receive a prize package worth $120, including

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We'll be posting excerpts from the winners' entries on our blog this month, along with a tip or two to help, and we invite you to join in the conversation.

Making Your Claim

Claims make up the bulk of your business correspondence, and the type of claim is determined by your purpose for writing. There are three types of claims to consider.

  • A claim of truth is rooted in fact, presenting an argument that you assert is correct. For that reason, such a claim must be reasonable, provable, and in no way libelous. A claim of truth makes a powerful opening statement that will grab the reader's attention and establish the credibility of your ideas. Here's an example: Figures show that over the past 10 years, Smith Farm Implements has consistently led sales in Putnam County.
  • A claim of value deals with the worth of an idea, expressing value that can be measured against a known standard. This type of claim builds interest in a product or service. Here's an example: The model 720 high-efficiency furnace could save you up to 25 percent on energy bills.
  • A claim of policy suggests the positive outcome of a specific action. This type of claim encourages the reader to take action for a desired result, as in this example: The next time autumn leaves fall, call Gutter Doctors to unclog your gutters and avoid those damaging overspills.
Claim Graphic

When you write, consider your purpose. Then use the type of claim that will create the most effective message.

You can find more information about claims starting on page 78 in Business and Sales Correspondence, part of the EZ Series, just one of the handy business-writing materials from UpWrite Press.

That Little Extra:

Comfort is the name of the game. It's a fact: If you are physically content, you will be more productive. Without overdoing it, make your work space as comfortable as possible. Make sure your desk chair fits you and doesn't cause back or neck pain. Bring a comfortable pair of shoes (or slippers, if allowed) to wear just in your office, and have a more formal pair available for meetings. Keep a sweater handy for lowered temperatures, and in the case of extreme cold, use a space heater (again, if allowed). Being comfortable means being able to concentrate on the business at hand.


November Writers' Forum Topic

Here's your chance to tell us how your work environment operates. Send us your responses to the forum question below, and we'll print the most interesting in our eTips Mid-Month Mini.

It's that time of year again. Thanksgiving approaches, marking the start of the holiday season, and we are reminded to make the annual assessment. So look around your home . . . the office . . . and consider what the year has brought. No matter what adversities we've faced, we all have something we can be thankful for. Just remembering that can be enough to get us through the hard times. Share with us, and let us share your message with other eTips subscribers.

E-mail your response to Write "November Writers' Forum" in the subject line, and you could see your reply in the eTips Mid-Month Mini.

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