June 2009
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Free Resources for Better Writing

UpWrite Press prides itself on helping businesspeople write better. Here are just a few free resources to demonstrate what we mean:

  • Writing Resources: The Writing Resources tab on our Web site details the seven traits of good business writing and the four key forms.
  • Training Resources: The Training Resources tab on our site provides tools to help trainers land clients and train them quickly, effectively, and inexpensively.
  • Facebook Drawings: Every month, we randomly choose one Facebook fan of “Business Writing with UpWrite Press” to receive a free Write for Business handbook and emPOWERED Business Writing Job Aide.
  • Twitter Posts: Daily, via www.Twitter.com/UpWritePress, we pass along links and information from the world of business writing and training.
  • Blog Posts: Besides regular posts from our in-house writers, we’ve recently added a “Using the Right Word” series to our blog, focusing on commonly misused pairs (such as a/an and accept/except).
  • Podcasts: For those who prefer audio, the basic grammar entries on our blog are also available as podcasts.
  • eTips Archives: Our eTips sign-up page now includes links to six years’ worth of archived newsletters, where you can find advice on common writing problems.

In addition to these free resources, for a limited time everything on our Web store is available at a 10% discount! Visit www.UpWritePress.com/store today and use discount code cnfuwp during checkout to take advantage of this offer.


May Winner in Our Monthly Facebook Drawing

Congratulations to “Business Writing with UpWrite Press” Facebook fan Jessica Lynn! She’s the May winner of a free copy of Write for Business: A Compact Guide to Writing & Communicating in the Workplace and the emPOWERED Business Writing Job Aide.

You could be our next winner. We’re giving away a book and a Job Aide each month. To qualify, just become a Facebook fan of “Business Writing with UpWrite Press” and RSVP to our event invitation each month.

Persuasive Writing

Your business correspondence is frequently designed to persuade: to convince a customer to use your services, to assure a potential client that you will provide whatever is needed, to encourage coworkers to come to an agreement on a project. In each of these cases, and many others, you need to sway thoughts your way. Here are some tips to help you use persuasive writing to achieve your goals.

  • First, consider your audience. How will the targeted reader benefit from your ideas? What will best motivate him or her to come around to your way of thinking? In your writing, present the positive aspects of what you are proposing and explain how it can make your reader’s life easier or better.
  • Next, understand your own purpose. What exactly are you asking, and what result do you want? Clarity is important. If you know how you want the reader to respond, you can shape your message for maximum impact.
  • Finally, write clearly, following the writing process. Get your reader’s attention and present your ideas, using clear and convincing support for your case. Present your facts and address any doubts the reader may have.

Once you have written your argument, go over it, examining its organization and flow. Then read your argument aloud. Do you sound confident and positive? Are you clearly presenting your ideas in an attractive and powerful manner? Is your format easy to follow, your arguments clear, sensible, and relevant? Make any necessary revisions and proofread for errors.

In summary, remember that your persuasive writing should connect with your audience and present ideas that are not only possible, but relevant and important.

You can find more about creating persuasive writing on pages 59–70 in Write for Business: A Compact Guide to Writing & Communicating in the Workplace, one of the handy business writing materials from UpWrite Press.

Our Staff Writers’ Blog

Get the latest insights into writing from our staff writers. In May, Lester Smith discussed “SEO: New Application of an Old Idea,” Joyce Lee covered “Transitive Verbs Demystified” and “Voice and Mood,” and Tim Kemper wrote “Forget the Doom and Gloom: Job Hunting Lessons for College Grads.” In addition, we posted “Using the Right Word: accept, except” and “Using the Right Word: a, an.” Visit our blog for these and other great articles!

That Little Extra:

Inspiration isn’t exclusive to poets and musicians. We all need something (or someone) in our lives to spur us on to do our best. What or who inspires you? Where do you get the push to grow and achieve? After answering these questions, keep a reminder of your inspiration near you—a photo, a recording, a poster, . . . Then, whenever you feel empty, let it refill and recharge you. Be like Homer Simpson, who papered his cubicle with pictures of his daughter Maggie along with the sign “Do it for her.” With a little inspiration and some hard work, you’ll find you can achieve any goal.


June Writers’ Forum Topic

Do you work from home? Maybe your company allows you to spend part of each week working from your home office. Or maybe you run your own business from your house. If so, what is the best advantage and the worst disadvantage of your situation? Share any favorite tips and suggestions you have for telecommuting successfully.

E-mail your response to writersforum@upwritepress.com. Write “June Writers’ Forum” in the subject line, and you could see your reply in the eTips Mid-Month Mini.

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This is your chance to be part of the UpWrite Press newsletters and blogs. What writing topics do you want to hear about? What communication tips would you like to share? What words do you constantly mix up? Send us your ideas, and you could see your name in Writing eTips or the Mid-Month Mini.

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On June 28–30, UpWrite Press will be attending SHRM’s (Society for Human Resource Management) 61st annual conference and exposition at the Morial Convention Center in New Orleans. We’d love to see you there! Come visit us at booth 2521 at the following times:

  • Sunday, 6/28/09: 4:00pm-7:00pm
  • Monday, 6/29/09: 9:30am-4:00pm
  • Tuesday, 6/30/09: 9:30am-2:00pm

Get a complimentary one-day exhibit pass on us.

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