June 2009
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“One must be drenched in words, literally soaked in them, to have the right ones form themselves into the proper pattern at the right moment.”

—Hart Crane

Word Pair of the Month: respectfully, respectively

Oh, those suffixes! They’re just little endings, but they can make a big difference. In the case of this month’s word pair, it’s the suffixes that take the word “respect” to different places.

The word “respectfully” indicates deference or esteem toward someone or something. Here is an example of the word’s use:

He approached the professor respectfully, as befitted her years of service to the school.

The word “respectively,” on the other hand, suggests a sequential connection of two or more things, as in this sentence:

Sue, Ann, and Tom respectively wrote the pitch, created the display, and set up the booth.

So make sure your suffixes say precisely what you intend. If you’re not sure, look it up. Clarity is always worth the time.

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June Writers’ Forum Topic

Do you work from home? Maybe your company allows you to spend part of each week working from your home office. Or maybe you run your own business from your house. If so, what is the best advantage and the worst disadvantage of your situation? Share any favorite tips and suggestions you have for telecommuting successfully.

Shane McBride works as a freelance editor from his home in Tucson and offers the following bit of sage advice to other telecommuters.

The best advice I can give is to be sure you have a real office at home. Even a corner of the living room works, as long as it is set up specifically for the job. You need a designated desk space, with your phone, fax, and supplies right at hand. And keep a file cabinet just for your work files. If you have to use your home phone, be sure the answer message is professional sounding. If you consider yourself a professional, with a professional space and professional attitude, you will work more efficiently.

Wanda Evans, of Chicago, works from home as a résumé screener for a human resources firm. Her advice? Set your hours and stick to them.

When you are working at an hourly rate, it’s tempting to keep going for “just one more hour.” And another and another. Yet you have to set your priorities and have some down time for yourself and your family as well. Remember, it’s great to have a job, but you also have to have a life.

Laura Guiterrez operates her massage therapy business out of a spare room in her Phoenix home, but she longs to get out of the house and into her own business place.

Don’t get me wrong—it’s great working at home. But I find new clients are a little apprehensive about coming here. They seem to think that because I’m not in a fancy building, I’m not worth what I charge. I’m a trained, licensed massage therapist, but I am just starting out, and for right now, this works. Still, I hope to someday expand and have my own full-service spa. Dream big, right?

Finally, we heard from John Bennett, an architect in Minneapolis.

Best thing? Working in my sweats and having access to my refrigerator. Worst thing? It gets a little lonely sometimes. I have to wait for my wife to come home to bounce ideas off her—she works in an office downtown and prefers I don’t call her at work. I think she’s just jealous.

A Final Thought

We all reach a point where we feel stale. Maybe your job is not what you hoped it would be, or you find yourself in a rut. What do you do? A logical fix is getting a little more education. A class in something interesting or job related might be just what you need to refresh your mind and find new incentive. You can take courses for credit at area universities or technical colleges or enroll in classes just for fun through your local library or parks and recreation service. There are millions of online classes as well, which you can take in your own home at your own speed. Education is always beneficial, and in some cases, it can put you on a new path toward personal enrichment and fulfillment.

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