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Ideas: Types of Support

Happy New Year! We at UpWrite Press wish you a year of good health, business prosperity, and personal growth.

Last month we talked about the different types of claims—claims of truth, value, and policy—that you might use to achieve your goals. You can strengthen these claims with various types of support. Here are three for you to consider.

  • Use observations and anecdotes to create a personalized, amicable claim.

Example: Looking through your order history, I noticed that your numbers and materials each month are pretty consistent. Since you can predict how much letterhead you use on a regular basis, I might suggest you reduce your orders to every three or four months or even twice a year, thus reducing your shipping costs. Even if you have to special-order now and then, you would still see considerable savings.

  • Use analysis to support an idea through an examination of its parts.

Example: Our central vacuum system is convenient to use, with no heavy equipment to lug around. Flexible hosing and interchangeable vacuum heads allow for complete and easy cleaning, while the large, discreet collection chamber means less mess and fewer clean-outs.

  • Use predictions to suggest possible outcomes and lend credence to an argument.

Example: It looks like summers will continue to grow hotter and drier. That’s reason enough to keep your air conditioning unit in top shape. Call now for a complete cleaning and checkup, so when the heat is on, you won’t be left sweltering.

Select the type of support that best corroborates your ideas. By varying the types of support you use, you can present your ideas in the most compelling way.

You can find more ways to support your claims on pages 78-79 of Business and Sales Correspondence, part of the EZ Series of business writing materials from UpWrite Press.

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That Little Extra

The next time you have (or need) a break, take some time to acquaint yourself with the tools your writing software offers. One cool feature is macros. These helpful little elements can cut your writing time by recording frequently used words, phrases, or paragraphs and allowing you to access them with a single keystroke. For example, let’s say your company has a catch phrase (i.e., “Service is our business; satisfaction our goal.”) that you want to include at the bottom of most correspondence, without having it permanently printed on the stationery. Make it into a macro you can add with just a simple keystroke. To learn how to record your macro, see the “Help” menu of your program.

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