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September 2007 UpWrite Press - We Make Writing Work For You

A professional writer is an amateur who didn’t quit.

—Richard Bach

Word Pair of the Month: eminent, imminent
These two words sound dangerously similar, but their meanings are very different.

The word eminent is an adjective describing someone or something who is famous or well known.

The gala was attended by many eminent persons, including movie stars, scientists, and world leaders.

Imminent, however, while also an adjective, means something is near or about to happen. It usually has a negative connotation.

Despite our best efforts to contain costs, we all knew that a major layoff was imminent, and we prepared to issue a statement.

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September Writers’ Forum Topic
How is writing training incorporated into your office? In-services? Seminars? What writing support does your office offer? What would you like to see offered?

Kathleen R. Sedgewick, an office manager in Wilmington, Delaware, told us her company doesn’t offer any writing help, but she wishes they did: I’d like to see new hires receive rudimentary training on creating effective business letters, including lessons on using Grammar Check and Spell Check to clean up their writing.

In contrast, Darla Gregg of Topeka, Kansas, gives her corporation rave reviews for writing support: Anyone working in our office must undergo an online writing class within the first three months after being hired. In addition, we have twice-yearly in-services on writing techniques, and our annual retreat always includes a session on using written communication effectively. In addition, anything we write must go through legal and then past a proofreader. We understand the importance of the written word!

Thanks to everyone who responded. Watch for our next forum question in the October issue of Writing eTips.

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