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May 2006

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Business Writers’ Forum Topic:
What type of writing task do you
find most difficult?

Last month’s Writers’ Forum topic asked, What type of writing task do you find most difficult? What is your best hint for coping with that task?

We thank Laura Orsini, of Credibility Experts Publishing,
for the following reply:

Woman writing

The most challenging writing task for me is writing for someone else—
ghosting, if you will.

It's essential when you write any sort of copy for another that you FIND, UNDERSTAND, and PRESERVE their voice. The only way to do that is by asking some pointed questions at the beginning:

  • Why do you want to write this piece?

  • Who is your intended audience?

  • What do you want to tell them with the piece?

  • What action do you want them to take after reading it?

Usually you have to be tenacious and get them to refocus/reframe their answers to those questions again and again until you have enough understanding of the others' thought process to be able to write from their perspective and, more or less, in their voice.

Thanks to Kathy Fogol of Wescast Industries, Inc., of Brantford, Ontario, for sending us the following:

The most difficult thing I find to write is a cover letter or a letter of introduction about me. I never know if I've said enough or not.

I usually try to keep it to a paragraph or two and be honest about myself. When in doubt about it, I will ask a third party to review it and see if I've accomplished the goal.

Watch for another Writers’ Forum question in our June eTips.

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WORD PAIR of the MONTH: elicit, illicit

Are you using them correctly?

Elicit is a verb  meaning “to bring out.”

The maintenance crew tried to elicit our manager’s help in controlling parking lot litter.

Illicit is an adjective meaning “unlawful.”

He was fired for using his office computer to run an illicit business.

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