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July 2006

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Writing Proposals

A proposal is a formal way to make a suggestion or state an intention. A proposal identifies a problem or a need and then presents a detailed plan of action. In business, a proposal might be used to develop new markets, products, or services—or to improve existing systems. In any case, a well-written proposal can be the spark that ignites a positive change.

Use the following tips to help you write a proposal.

  • Begin with the problem or need. That way you gain your reader's attention.

  • Build interest and desire. Provide background information and demonstrate the importance of solving the problem or meeting the need.

  • Outline a clear plan. Give objectives, list steps, and present costs and materials for implementation.

  • End with a call to action. Sum up your plan and encourage the reader to take the next step—to make your proposal a reality!

A well-written proposal can open doors for you, your department, and your company.

For more on writing proposals, along with samples of various kinds, see pages 85–96 in Write for Business: A Compact Guide to Writing & Communicating in the Workplace.

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Join Our Writers’ Forum

Read the following writers' forum topic and click on the link below to send us your ideas. Make sure to include your name, your company name, and a sentence or two about your job. We will print the best responses, and you will get your name and ideas out to more than 5,000 subscribers!

Writers' Forum

Writers’ Forum Topic for July

Where does the writing "buck" stop in your office? When you write something, do you send it out unchecked? Or does every bit of writing pass by three sets of eyes before it is sent out? Share your writing policies with us. Let us know how you create the perfect piece. (Be sure to proofread your answer before sending it in!)

Email your response to writersforum@upwritepress.com, and you could see your reply in the eTips Mid-Month Mini!

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Using Words Correctly

Each month in our Mid-Month Mini, we discuss a pair of words that sound alike but are spelled differently and are often confused. Our June Mini discussed the words insure and ensure. In this issue of eTips, we revisit those two words, along with assure. Here are the correct meanings of each word and examples of how to use them.

Insure means “to secure from harm or loss.”

We insure the facility against earthquake and flood damage.

Ensure means “to make certain of something.”

The company installed new filters to ensure OSHA compliance.

Assure means “to put someone’s mind at rest.”

We assured the client that we would handle any problems.

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