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    Revising and Editing Sales Proposals

    Thursday, December 31, 2009

    When you revise and edit a sales proposal, you can't check everything at once. Instead, look at your work one trait at a time.

    • Start with your ideas. Make sure - first and foremost - that your proposal is accurate, with triple-checked figures and details. Check that you provided the information your reader most needs.
    • Next, check your organization. Does the information follow a logical order and use an approved format for a proposal?
    • Make sure your voice is confident and sincere, demonstrating a concern for the reader's needs and a desire to provide the best service or product.
    • Then focus on each word, making sure it is as clear as possible. If necessary, define any technical terms that might raise questions in the reader's mind.
    • Check your sentences for smoothness and flow, adding transitions where needed.
    • Next, check your copy for errors, paying particular attention to punctuation, capitalization, spelling, and grammar.
    • Last of all, review your design to make sure you have followed specifications for solicited or unsolicited proposals. Make sure that any graphics are neat, attractive, and properly placed.

    Sales proposals generally follow a specific format, but that's no reason your proposal can't stand out as a model of clarity, attractiveness, and readability. The more professional your proposal looks, the more likely it is to be accepted.

    You can learn more about sales proposals beginning on page 67 in Business and Sales Correspondence, one of the many helpful business-writing resources from UpWrite Press.

    - Joyce Lee